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Logo Contest Rules


This is a contest for you to send in your pics or short videos of our MiniTruckStickers Logo in the craziest, wildest, most creative places you can think of.

The rules are: There are no rules, the coolest pic or short video wins!!!

---Disclaimer--- does in no way condone or promote illegal activities in any way shape or form. What you do is totally up to you and we take no responsibility for all you crazy mini truckin freaks out there.

With That said, Get crazy and send us your wildest pics showing off our logo. The more entries we get, the bigger the prize gets.

With every order placed, you will receive a FREE logo to stick on crap and take pics and videos of,

To enter the contest, E-mail  Pictures and a Description.
e-mail us at:


Remember we're mini truckers too,
so we know what's cool and what's not!



Mod of the Month Contest Rules

  • Email us with pics of your coolest mod project yet.
  • The only real rule is IT MUST BE YOURS!
  • No using other peoples pics off the net!
  • Be creative, build something cooler than anyone else.
  • The mod can be anything as long as it's mini style, (trucks, cars, computers,  wagons, bikes, etc...)
  • Tell us everything about it. (the more descriptive the better)
  • If you win, you get free stuff.


Remember we're mini truckers too,
so we know what's cool and what's not!

Include a good description:

What was it?
What is it now?
How long did it take?
Did you build it all yourself? If not who did.
What kind of stuff did you use to build it?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

The more descriptive the better.
Please limit number of pics to 4 or 5 per e-mail.

Tell us how to get in touch with you: (screen name is fine.)
(If you win, we will need some proof that you actually own it.
We will contact you with the info on how to send us the proof
we need.)

Please include a link to your site if you have more pics there.

To enter the contest, E-mail Pictures and a Description to:

Enter Here:



(We will not post your e-mail unless you request it!)


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